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Our Story

Back in 2007, Chris & Zack were talking over coffee and decided to partner up and bring a taste of Greece to Northumberland County. They brought Costa, Chris' son, on board and began transforming a former bakery into a warm and inviting Mediterranean oasis. A few months later, Chris, Costa & Zack opened the doors of The Corfu Grill. It has since become one of Cobourg's best kept secrets.

The menu is based on the Mediterranean Diet, which is known world-wide for its health benefits and robust flavours. They serve up all the favourites - from roast lamb to moussaka, souvlakis, authentic Greek salads, and everything in between. And, all the dishes are prepared from scratch, which is sure to please every time!

Origins Of Greek Cuisine

Greece has an ancient culinary tradition dating back several millennia. Historically, Greek cuisine was characterized by the 'Mediterranean triad' of wheat, olive oil & wine. Fish was also integral to the ancient Greek diet as meat was rarely eaten. This trend continued through Roman and Ottomn times and only changed recently when technological progress made meat more available. Popular modern dishes like lentil soup, fasolada, loukaniko, and avgotaraho can all be traced back to ancient Greece.

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